18th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival
October 25-28, 2018
Libbey Bowl and Ojai Art Center

More than a festival. It’s an experience…

The 18th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival will feature
acclaimed storytellers:  Diane Ferlatte, Kevin Kling, Willy Claflin,
Clare Murphy, Glenis Redmond (poet extraordinaire),
Scott Ainslie (blues musician), the Chameleons (mimes),
and Moth Winners from Los Angeles.

To Reach our box office, phone 805-628-2574

This year's festival will be overflowing with entertainment: music, poetry, mime, scary stories, and humor. With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect place to be. Whether it's a night of hilarious laughter, a journey of imagination, a tale filled with suspense and mystery, a program your children will never forget, a ribald night of tales for adults, or a workshop that inspires, the 18th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival has something for everyone. Come join us for a weekend of riveting tales under the oaks and beneath the stars.

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ojai photos
photos by Trent Jones ©2007

“The Ojai festival is to storytelling what Sundance is to film. If it’s rare and magical and quirky… you’ll find it at this wondrous gem of a festival.”

Carmen Deedy, acclaimed storyteller/author

The Ojai Storytelling Festival is the signature event of Performances To Grow On, a non-profit public benefit organization. Our name says it best… Performances To Grow On… No matter what your age, we believe in the power of live performance to expand your boundaries, to connect with others and to foster self-discovery. That’s why we do what we do and we proudly offer the 18th Ojai Storytelling Festival for you to enjoy and experience.

The Village of Tales Ojai Storytelling Festival is brought to you by Performances to Grow On - We put the World on Stage