2021 Ojai Storytelling Festival!

We are very excited to announce our 2021 lineup!

October 28-31, 2021

October 28-31


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The Tellers



Vibrant ~ Hilarious ~ Poignant 

Regi Carpenter

Master of Ceremonies, Storyteller

Regi Carpenter brings a remarkable blend of warmth, humor, and depth to every performance she gives. She captivates audiences with traditional stories from around the world as well as stories of the irrepressible Carpenters growing up in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River in Clayton, New York for four generations. With a voice that dances, it can at a moments’ notice, be light as a feather, playful as a puppy or leap with sudden power and surprise.  Best of all is the sheer joy she communicates in telling her tales of hope and wonder.  An award winning performer, we are so glad to have Regi back as our official emcee and storyteller for the 20th Ojai Storytelling Festival

kim w
Regi Carpenter
Donald Davis '21
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Donald Davis


It feels like a homecoming when Donald performs at the Ojai Storytelling Festival.  He was the inspiration that helped create this festival 20 years ago. A master of the personal story, Donald invites you into the stories of his life to discover the stories you own.  With wit and laughter, with characters that shine bright and bold, Donald’s stories glow with wisdom and humanity. He truly is a master of the spoken word and a kind of time machine that takes listeners to another place, another time. And did I mention, he is funny!


Insight ~ Family ~ Humor


Wit ~ Mischief ~ Gravitas

Kim Weitkamp


Hard to explain, easy to enjoy.​

Kim has been called many things-

Speaker, humorist, consultant, spoken word artist, singer/songwriter, keynoter, coach, artist-A lot of titles...but one main thing ties them all together. ​Story. 

Kim speaks and performs to tens of thousands of people a year. She is a storyteller at the top of her craft and whether the story is tucked into a speech, performed from stage, or used as a tool for learning, one thing is for sure- At the root of all she does Kim is first and foremost a storyteller. She performs internationally at festivals and theaters, keynotes for some of Forbes most recognized companies, boasts a mantel full of awards and consistently writes creative new material, recording and producing award winning albums. 

Rev. Robert B. Jones


An inspirational storyteller and musician, the Reverend B. Jones, takes listeners on a musical journey celebrating the humor and power of America’s roots music.  At the heart of his message is the belief that our cultural diversity tells a story that should be celebrated and praised. A pastor, a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning educator with an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of African American folk music, including blues, spiritual, and slave songs…its players and styles…The Reverend B Jones will be our guide as he takes us on a very special musical journey over the weekend.


Music ~ Tradition ~ History


Funny ~ Bold ~ Entertaining

Bill Harley


A two-time Grammy-winning artist, Bill Harley combines music and story to paint a vivid picture of growing up, through stories that are brimming with adventure, humor and heart.  His work spans the generation gap, reminds us of our common humanity and challenges us to be our very best selves. A prolific author, keynote speaker, and NPR commentator, we are proud to welcome back this one-of-a-kind storyteller but we must warn you...his stories may be humorous to your health…so beware.

Bil Lepp


Drop-dead Funny, Bil Lep will amaze you with his outrageous, humorous tall tales that you wish would never end.  A five-time champion of the West Virginia Liar’s contest, Bil’s stories will entertain listeners of all ages and walks of life.  But beware… Bil’s wit will hit you and you will never see it coming. Get ready for a wild ride on Lep’s limousine of Laughter. A storyteller, stand-up comedian and wordsmith extraordinaire Bill Lep is a favorite of festivals around the world and especially Ojai.  We are so glad he’s back with us, it’s been way too long.


Wit ~ Lies ~ Hilarity


Engaging ~ Surprising ~ Poetic

Diane Macklin


Diane Macklin captivates audiences with her dancing hands, lyrical voice and high energy. An acclaimed storyteller, actress and educator. She has delighted audiences for over 15 years through her dynamic style seasoned with rhythm, sounds and movement. We are delighted to have this new voice to our festival making a difference one story at a time!

Kimberly Ford & The Dreamland Band

Musical Guest

A Celebration of Joni Mitchell featuring Kimberly Ford is a rocking tribute to the most iconic singer-songwriter of the Woodstock generation. COJM has been packing houses throughout Southern and Northern California and the Southwest since 2014. Ford and her band bring a new verve to all of Joni’s favored genres. Not content to be a paint-by-numbers tribute band, COJM infuses Mitchell’s songs with new life while paying deep respect to a revered icon and poet laureate of her generation’s songwriters.


A Musical Time Machine!


Local Musical Treasures

Alan Thornhill & Martin Young

Singer Songwriter Duo

Gifted musicians Alan Thornhill and Martin Young return to the Ojai Storytelling Festival to perform a concert that includes their original songs and covers from well-known songwriters.

Debra Ehrhardt


Special Guest at Naughty Tales

We are pleased to welcome back, Debra Ehrhardt, Jamaican actress and storyteller as our special guest teller. Her engaging style and humor will definitely add some spice and fiery flavor to this year's edition of Naughty Tales. The author and star of “Jamaica Farewell”, (soon to be a major motion picture),  Debra has traveled the world performing her plays always to  standing ovations.  Touching, funny, captivating and hugely entertaining, you don’t want to miss Debra Ehrhardt.

Original ~ Surprising ~ Insightful


Whimsy ~ Fantasy ~ Levity


The Sheriffs of Schroedingham

Musical Guest

The Sheriffs of Schroedingham (LA-based duo Ross Garren and John Schroeder) are the real life Sheriffs of the fictional town of Schroedingham. They spend most of their days getting cats out of trees, directing traffic and wearing down the barstools at the local saloon. Truth be told, they’re not much for law enforcement at all. With a nod to the great masters of American Folk Music, they would rather spin you a musical yarn about the fantastical world of Schroedingham. With an armory of strange stringed instruments and sundry harmonicas, the Sheriffs have been maintaining law and order in the musical wild west since 2012.






The Venues

Libbey Bowl - 210 S. Signal Street

Ojai Art Center -113 S. Montgomery Street

Ojai House - 304 N Montgomery Street

Ojai Vineyard - 109 S. Montgomery Street

Nestled near the rear of a beautiful grove in Libbey Park, Libbey Bowl has been described by artists and audience members alike as being an almost enchanted venue. The mission of the Ojai Art Center since it opened in 1939, has been to support and advance the interest of the arts within the community. One block North of Main Street is Ojai House, a true Ojai gem featuring an intimate venue and treasures from around the world. And finally, the original Ojai Valley Fire Station, now the Ojai Vineyard, will be among our generous hosts.

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