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Leland Faulkner's Walker Between Worlds
March 26, 2022
4pm @ Ojai Art Center Gallery

Leland Faulkner’s theatre career was developed under the mentorship of legendary mime Tony Montanaro. His unique imagination has created a program that is both sophisticated and accessible. Classical conjuring, light hearted humor, physical theatre, and amazing shadows create a unique and original performance.

Growing up with an international background inspired Leland to create a program that has been hailed by presenters around the country as one of the best family programs available. His performances have taken him all over the U.S. and to Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Spain, and Turkey. 

In Walker Between Worlds, travel with Leland down a path of stories unique to Native America. Watch as Grandmother Spider weaves a web that catches nightmares. Be there on the first night of creation as stars are put into the sky. Fly with birds who hunt a bear made of stars. Laugh at coyote's foolishness, and experience the great bravery of a crow.

Walker Between Worlds is a harvest of Leland’s favorite traditional Native stories told with an original perspective.  Stories that speak to all of us through the wisdom of indigenous America. Walker Between Worlds  is a celebration of the beauty and simplicity of human imagination and the power of community.

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